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Best leather handbags and clutches for 2018

With the turn of the year, new bag trends have come to the fore as is the annual drill. From fringes galore to pop art designs on bags, the year has a variety of bold designs. Some designs come as revamped versions that charmed most of the past. Others come as a surprise, as the handbag fashion events unfold at Milan, London, Paris, and New York.

All this means that your closet’s handbag and clutch section needs an upgrade. Since sound quality leather complements your outfit morning, noon, and night, its products are a must-add for your collection. So, without any delay, here is an overview of best leather handbags and clutches for 2018:

  1. Coach X Keith Haring Kiss-lock crossbody bag

This season, New York’s 1980s pop art meets contemporary handbags for a hip and fashion-forward look. Pop Art is prominent for its sugar, spice, and everything nice nature. It is eye-catchy, and the pretty color play holds all gazes. Coach’s spring 2018, therefore, captures the glitz of the NY street culture on their handbag collection as an ode to the pop artist, Keith Haring.

Refined calf leather forms the skin of the petite bag with Haring’s iconic illustrations adding to the charm. Top this up with crystal, and motif embellishments and you have got the best charmer of a handbag at your disposal. Not to forget, the crossbody bag features kiss-lock closure and a zipped pocket on the outside. This pairs style with convenience.

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo gancini flap bag

Pastel colors are dominant this season and are here to stay for the year. This flap bag by Salvatore Ferragamo in the jasmine flower shade is a case in point. It’s the epitome of all the trendy factors hitting the handbag universe this year. These include the circular shape of the bag, a thick shoulder strap, and a garcini top handle.

The python shoulder strap is removable so that you can style the bag with or without it. Such adaptability makes this bag a blessing for your wardrobe since it can be paired with your outfit both at night and noon. This calf-skinned leather bag is elegance at its best.

  1. Black leather tote bag

A black leather tote bag is a wardrobe essential. It’s a cross between spacious and stylish, which is what makes it any woman’s need. Buy it in the black color, and you have a handbag that is ever ready to go with you to any place, at any time. There is a strap available as well. Hence, styling this bag is, again, a two-way miracle. You can either hold it gracefully or let it hang loosely from your side.

A cherry on top of the modish design is the trendy add-on to the handbag. The tassel added to the shoulder bag speaks volumes about the voguish look. Also, it is in a different shade that harmonizes with the black leather. You can shop this bag from the LeatherSkinShop, which is an ideal place for fashionistas who want to buy leather accessories.

  1. Faux Leather Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are here to shine along the handbag 2018 horizon. Since such bags defy all odds of shape and rigidity, there is no material better than faux leather to support the snazzy unstructured body of the bag. An adjustable crossbody strap accompanies this bucket bag by Forever21. Bottom feet are also present that prevent your bag from rolling over the moment you put it down.

This classy faux leather bucket bag has a drawstring with a tasseled top. Since tassels are riding this year’s trend bandwagon, the bag is a perfect pick.

  1. Fringe Leather Wristlet


Full-on fringe and accented fringe have hijacked fashion runways this year. This fringe-tastic trend has slipped from its use in apparel to become part and parcel of the handbag galleries as well. Gall Gadot’s fringed ensemble at the Oscars this year embraces this very trend and sets the bar of fashion goals higher. For now, you can start with a wristlet that is designed with trimmed fringes along the sides.

The handbag fabric is pure leather, and it also boasts a leaf charm that accentuates the wristlet’s alluring look. Such a classic clutch that weaves the fringe fad in its design is a must add to your bag collection for 2018.

  1. Color block Tuileries besace leather bag

Color block is the right color play of this season with multiple colors adorning the surface of the handbag and clutch. The Tuileries Besace by Luis Vuitton bears testament to this trend. The bag presents bold tricolor leather which accents the monogram canvas of the body. The Tuileries Besace with its fashionable looks is à la mode in every sense of the word.

The bag bears three carrying styles. You can style it by carrying it on your shoulder or slinging it across your body with the removable cross-body strap. You can also turn it into a makeshift clutch, by detaching the belt.

  1. Matelassé leather bag

The matelassé leather bag is another addition to the best leather clutches for 2018. The clutch comes with a detachable chain strap so that you are not bound to carry it in your hands only. The skin is made of matelassé Nappa leather with a satin lining to it.

A prominent embellishment in the form of round metal hardware seals the bag’s graceful look. This metal embellishment has a brass-finish to it just as the logo’s polish. The purse bears a logo turn-lock closure that completes the look.

Key takeaway

All in all, 2018’s picks for handbags and clutches resonate with trends that are here to stay for the current year. Therefore, a broad outline of this year’s fashion fads includes an obsession with fringes, tassels, and graphic art. Color block and pastel shades mark the hues that you should pick. Don’t forget to add thick straps and circular shaped clutches and handbags that are in vogue too.

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How AI Changed Customer Services in the IT Industry?

As we know when modern technology changed our lifestyle, our thoughts and also our priority it also affected industries, economic, marketing and business strategies. Whatever the field is their main priority is customer’s satisfaction.

For that modern new devices are invented and included in every field to reach out customers demand and their quarries. To satisfy the customer and serve them in best way every industry has been used AI. It means Artificial Intelligence. We can say that Artificial Intelligence is ruling the world now. It’s considered the future of all industries.

It has become really influential and prominent at present world. It mainly helped in serving the customers and its results are remarkable. Artificial intelligence is established by types of equipment in the place of human’s natural intelligence.

When we think of artificial intelligence the thing that comes to our mind is machines or robots. Well, its true robots will handle the work instead of humans. As we know when we compare robots and humans the only difference we can find that machines have no emotional and humans have. Robots are faster, harder, and quicker than humans. In every sense, they are best devices and they will rule this world in future. That time is not too far.

When we think of customer service which was handled by humans, now that place too taken over by robots. It’s not easy to handle customer’s quarries and demands. It really needs some extra effort. A human can only handle one customer at one time. But in that place if the robot is used it can handle more than one person appropriately we can say that unlimited number of people. Customer must feel satisfied and contented to his quarries. It mechanically answers the questions. Customer facility is a significant feature of running a business. To take a lead in a market it should win the heart of customers. To answer the customer’s question is not an easy task.

Artificial Intelligence helps to make available customer based services. It helps to understand the customer’s behavioural pattern. When it is man based operating system it needs too much time to understand the customer pattern but in the case of artificial intelligence, it made very easy. It helps the company or any other sector to distribute a custom-made consumer package experience.

Usually, it’s very hard to combine all data and information and match them with customer’s behavioural pattern. But after the use of artificial intelligence, it made easy and more efficient. In the past, it was a big challenge to the businessman and other companies to look after their consumers. But Artificial Intelligence has really influenced in this field and now all companies are depending on Artificial Intelligence. It helped to satisfy the customer on a different level. And also helps to have a positive impact on the organization.

A number of websites recommend consumers to have a chat with their spokesperson to ask any doubt or ask any questions. Most of the times it’s not human but it is trained robots which are used to handle consumers.

They are chat box well trained and well educated they know all the information related to certain product and other things so that when a consumer asks it should be able to give an answer which should satisfy consumers in every aspect. Till now research says that consumers are more satisfied with the use of AI for their help it really helps them to avoid confusion.

Now companies are really able to understand the consumer’s mind and according to that, they are planning advertisement to encourage the customers to purchase that particular item. It helps them to boost their sales and production. By using AI in the customer service section behavioural pattern was identified and helped to make the customer Oder particular object which helps companies to attain their marketing target.

Artificial Intelligence is growing suddenly and rapidly. Now in every field, Artificial Intelligence is used drastically. That brought a huge change in every economic and social field. Future will be ruled by the robots. But we have to use this facility in care otherwise it will develop to the certain extent that it will be then tremendous intelligence than humans.

It’s great to have machines and robots for our support and help but we should never give much importance to it. It should be like working on our guidance instead of that we should not work according to its guidance. So it’s up to us to what extent we should use it.

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