7 Ways to Style Your Party Dress After the Holidays

Winter is here, bringing the end of the year near. This December, you will find yourself invited to multiple parties: Christmas, for New Year’s, a Winter Ball or maybe just a party to unwind after a hectic year! With each party comes the fun and complex part of dressing up and styling yourself. Everyone wants to create an Instagrammable look worth remembering. While shopping for each party and creating a new look is always fun, there is one distinct downside to it: what do with your outfits once the party is over?

Studies find that women often feel socially obliged to not repeat their looks, especially their party wear. This is a story you must be familiar with: each outfit you buy for a party is good for only one evening, and then you simply leave it in your cupboards as clutter. For this reason, attending parties gets quite expensive. Creating all the sequins and glitter in your party-wear also has a massive environmental impact on the oceans. When you think about all the party wear you have ever bought, the impact of all this plastic-based glitter is staggering. If this year, your resolution is to live a more sustainable (yet stylish) life, read on. With this style guide, you can reuse your party dress in multiple ways, making the most out of it! Here are 7 ways to style your party dress after the holidays:

  1. Shorten the Hemline for a Cute Day Dress

There are some fashion trends that were heavily in fashion in the past few years. The asymmetrical hemline was all the rage, with women rocking a short hemline in the front, and a long hemline at the back. Of course, asymmetrical hemlines have now fallen out of fashion, with most people sticking to either a full-length maxi dress or a short dress. The in-between style of the asymmetrical dress is no longer grabbing eyeballs. However, this does not mean that you need to say goodbye to your beloved 2013 dress! All you need to do is reduce its hemline, and make it into a beautiful short dress. Cut up the uneven ends and carefully stitch the hemline. Voila, you have a cute cocktail dress you can pair with strappy heels for the perfect evening look!

If you have already bought a maxi dress with a full-length skirt to wear to this year’s New Year’s Party, you can actually reuse the dress into a sweet day dress, especially if your dress is blue or white. You simply have to chop off its long skirt, and its soft hues will make the perfect dress for a day out with friends! If you are especially nifty with your needle, you can use all the remaining cloth to make a short skirt or even a cushion cover!

  1. Alter Your Bodycon for a Sexy and Trendy Bralette

Bralettes and crop tops are all the rage at the moment. It isn’t hard to see why: a bralette can completely transform your look from simple to sexy. A black bralette worn inside a half-buttoned shirt can take your office look into a sultry look for the club. Paired with denim overalls (which are also making a come back), bralettes and crop tops are ticking all the right boxes. For that matter, you can simply wear a sexy bralette with high-waisted pants and skirts for the most stunning look.

To make the most out of your Christmas party bodycon, alter it into a trendy bralette. The tight fit of the bodycon means that it will fit you as well as a good bralette or crop top should. The spunkier and more vibrant your bodycon is, the better it is. These type of party dresses for women become unique in some ways: with a patterned or coloured bodycon, your altered bralette with have colours that most store-bought bralettes don’t have, so it will be sure to stand out!

  1. Buy Nightwear that Works as Daywear

If sewing and stitching is not your thing, do not worry! There are many ways you can reuse your partywear, and there is one easy, no-hassle method: buy a party dress that works well as a day dress! With smart shopping, you can actually use the same dress in two different scenarios, without having to change much about the dress. For example, if you go for a party dress that has floral patterns, you can create a soft, poised party look. Leave your hair open and draw on some cat eyes and smoky lids for that oomph factor. Most floral party dresses also make great daytime dresses. All you have to do is braid your hair back and wear minimal makeup, and suddenly, your night dress can sub as a great daytime dress too!

If you have a good designer or dressmaker at your disposal, simple tricks can transform your party dress into a sweet day dress. For example, if your hemline has a lace end, have this lace careful removed. This will transform the dress from a sexy number to a cute one almost immediately: perfect for a day out!

  1. A Pair of Jeans is Your Best Friend

There are only a few occasions where a pair of jeans isn’t suitable. Most people swear by a pair of reliable denim jeans, as jeans are both versatile and comfortable. The problem is, however, that studies show that creating one single pair of jeans takes up to 7000 gallons of water. For the environmentally conscious, it is simply unadvisable to invest in multiple pairs of jeans. Instead, the goal should be to buy one or two pairs of jeans and make the most of them.

If your New Year’s resolution is to practice better environmental practices, what better place to begin than at your New Year’s Party? This New Year’s, you don’t even have to get out in a short dress: turn to your jeans instead! Wear a white cami with a pair of ankle-grazer jeans. Complete the look with a faux leather jacket for a forever-stylish, classic look. If you love experimenting with fashion, you can even tuck a thin dress into your jeans. This will completely change the look of your dress and no one will know you are reusing an old piece!

  1. Turn Your A-Line Dress Into a Skirt

While we are on the subject of tucking, here comes the easiest, and yet, the smartest way to completely revamp your look: change your dress into a skirt and/or a top! As a one piece, a dress has two elements, the torso part, and the skirt. With a little bit of fashion manoeuvering, you can style each of these parts into different looks. So if you have a printed dress, wear a plain turtleneck sweater on top. This will change your dress in a sweet skirt that you can wear every day.

With a plain dress, tuck it into a printed wraparound skirt for a whole new look! This simple style plan can help you make the most out of your dress. With this, you can create different looks that you can wear one after the other—with no one any wiser!

  1. Accessorize For a Whole New Look

The single most effective way that can revamp your entire look is by accessorizing. How you accessorize a dress sets the tone for the look you are trying to create, whether it is an evening look or a day look. For example, a white dress, when paired with simple strappy heels, a pair of earrings and a watch can make an effective day dress. Jazz it with a pair of sheer stockings, stiletto heels, a sparkling purse and a diamond necklace; and you have the perfect outfit for the club.

By using the correct accessories, you can change how a dress looks and feels. Try pairing your party dress with a denim jacket. Or wear a patterned kimono on your little black dress, tucked in with a belt for a wine-tasting party you are throwing. With a beautiful whiskey accessory—that is, an angel glass in your hand— you will look suave and sophisticated. With these small style hacks, your dress will look and feel different.

Simply changing your jewellery, headgear and shoes can change how your dress looks. Mess around and have fun with some accessories, and suddenly you will find your old party dress looks new each time!

  1. There is Always Halloween…

The one place where it seems impossible to find outfits you can reuse is a costume-themed party. The specific dress-code and style may mean that the party dress you buy, you simply cannot use again, because there are only limited places where you can look like Frankenstein’s monster or Catwoman. But there is one way to reuse these outfits too: Halloween! Save yourself some money by not investing in an outfit for Halloween, and reusing an outfit from a costume party instead. This does not mean you have to go dressed as the same person: you can tweak this around a bit! So, instead of Catwoman, you can dress up as a vampire, using the same all-black outfit. Get innovative, and you will find many themes where your costume party dress can come in handy!

The end of the year is a time to party, have fun, and bid farewell to the year that has gone by. There is a lot that this season offers, but for the young and the young-at-heart, this season stands out for one thing specifically: parties. To make the most of this season, while still being environmentally-conscious, follow our tips on styling your party dress after the holidays, and you and your look will make the world a better place!