10 Best Foods To Grill On Campfire

The open flame of a campfire grill provides a perfect opportunity to prepare tasty foods. Using the open fire to cook and subsequently eating outdoors makes adventuring simply irresistible. So, with adequate preparation and provided you incorporate the right food items, you can make a delicious dinner on the grill.

However, while everyone knows that the best thing about camping is the chocolaty seared steak and marshmallows cooked over a campfire, the truth is there are many more tasty foods that you can prepare using the fire. Check them out

  1. Nuts

Don’t bring over roasted nuts to your camping site. Instead, prepare them in the locality by yourself. This way, you will be able to utilize your favorite oils. Note that most ready-made brands cook their nuts using a broad range of oils some of which are not healthy. Conversely, making a personalized batch at your camping location enables you to use healthy fats. Besides, you can also deliberately prepare healthier and tastier nuts. To get a spicy serving, incorporate raw almonds, paprika, light canola oil, chili powder, and cayenne. For a sweet outcome, use raw pecans, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, and canola oil.

  1. Tomatoes

Trust tomatoes to wrinkle nicely an open flame like that provided by a campfire. They even look and taste better when cooked this way. The reason is heat from your fireplace releases lycopene, a potent antioxidant. Roasted tomatoes, therefore, are a lot more delicious in several campfire meals. Make them even tastier by smothering over pasta, and your loved ones will thank you for a great tasting meal. The best part of roasted tomatoes is you do not have to consume them plain you can prepare a tomato sauce and incorporate a variety of your favorite spices.

  1. Peppers

Have you ever grilled peppers? If not, you are missing out on a simple to cook yet extremely delicious meal. Surprisingly, you can use a gas or charcoal grill. Once you have everything in place, preheat your grill to medium heat condition. If you are a fan of Olive oil rub your peppers with the same (you can roast peppers without it). Next, put the peppers on the grill and let each side roast till the skin blackens (it takes each side about five minutes to blacken). Remove from the grill carefully and peel off the outer, blackened layer to reveal the inner section and seeds. Finally, chop them up and use for whatever other meal you like.

  1. Steak

Steak tastes great when you grill. So, find a grate, place it over your campfire and roast it carefully to prepare a fantastic meal. That you can pair it with different salads as well as sides means it is perfect for making a complete outdoor meal. Additionally, you can marinate steak with your preferred seasoning or rub. All expert chefs nonetheless agree that how you cook it, as opposed to what you cook it with, plays a major role in the scrumptiousness of your meal.

  1. Pineapple

Many people are not aware that pineapples taste great when grilled. Provided you have a grate that covers your entire campfire you can prepare this meal. Start by cutting your pineapple into small pieces (It is advisable to do so before you embark on your journey). When you are ready to cook, thread them over kebob skewers and heat till they are caramelized. While heating, turn over after every 3-5 minutes. Once ready, you can eat it singly or atop ice cream.

  1. Canned Beans

Canned beans are your ultimate kitchen-pantry staple that best suits campfire. Besides requiring simple preparation, this mean gives you the liberty to eat as a side dish or alongside another cuisine. To cook it, take the beans out of the can and put inside a pot before placing the pot right over the flame. Spice them up with diced tomatoes, corn, salt, pepper, and chopped jalapeno. Serve it either together with meat or as a side meal.

  1. Corn Dogs

When prepared on a campfire over a pie iron, corn dogs come out both attractively golden and delicious. So, if you fancy always having something hot just in case, guests arrive unannounced, master how to grill them and always have them at hand. While you can make three at a go, you still prepare any number and preserve. Proceed as follows; prepare corn muffin following the instructions on the package and set it aside. Put three hit dogs inside a hot dog cooker preferably that made of cast iron (be sure to grease it adequately beforehand). Put enough butter to the bottom of the cooker. Close the cooker, turn it over and cook over a campfire or grill for three minutes, or until cornbread sets. Slice you corn dogs and serve.

  1. Chicken

Chicken, besides being a versatile source of protein is satisfying and easy to prepare. Have in place the usual suspects that include chopped tomatoes guacamole, capsicum, and cheese. Doing the prep before going to your camping site ensures you can sit back, relax around your campfire as you talk while preparing your delicious dinner. Grill your chicken in an open flame in your campfire to create a good char on both sides. Finally, slice it into strips, wrap in taco shells and add lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and cheese for an easy and quick serving.

  1. Potatoes

With just a tin foil you can bake potatoes to fluffy perception using a campfire. Start by poking holes through your potatoes using a fork. Wrap your potatoes using a tin foil, taking precaution to ensure you pack them tightly. Place the same on a hotbed of coal over a grill on the campfire. Leave it to cook for about half an hour, always checking if it has cooked well by poking from time to time using a fork. Once they are nearly ready, add cheese and minced garlic. Put it back to the grill to finish cooking. Serve with proteins for dinner or eggs for breakfast.

  1. Apples

Ideal for tailgating or camping, grilled apples are not only simple to prepare but also portable and unbelievably delicious. Just combine diced apples with sugar and lemon juice. Add sugar to oat toppings. Cover the apples with a huge scoop of the toppings. Cover it with a non-stick foil. Fold in half, crimp the edges and place the entire pouch on a heavy duty foil. Fold over nicely and seal. Grill for about 20 minutes, open and serve.


Armed with the above easy to prepare yet delicious meals you have everything you need to enjoy your camping outing to the fullest. Note, though, that the above list has some items which need to keep frozen so you can use for subsequent of servings. So, since while outdoors your freezer may not work optimally, there steps you can take to keep food cold while camping to store your food for longer. These strategies include cooling the freezer first by throwing some ice into the cooler and make sure no air pass through the cooler. Fill every available frozen water or ice. Also, install you cooler right. Finally, whenever possible keep your fridge away from direct sunlight.

Are Lash Extensions Really Travel-Friendly?

Every woman will ask herself this question at least once in her lifetime. Those who are regular to this treatment are aware of the power of eyelash extensions, and they love embracing them. In fact, many women love to wear their extensions when travelling. They think of them as a time-saving solution, and as a good idea, due to several reasons:

  1. Time = Money

When in a rush you probably tend to lose your temper and your head due to severe packing. However, with lash extensions, everything will fall in place. Make sure you do the lash application procedure 2-3 days before the trip, and you will realize that :

  1. a) You Will Save Time When Packing

Once you start to pack you will notice that you don’t need any of your favorite mascaras, lash curlers, tweezers, fake lashes or lash glue. Just make sure you bring your oil-free makeup remover, and you will have a perfect set for weeks and weeks to come. You will save a lot of time when packing, and you will save a lot of space in your makeup bag for sure.

  1. b) You Will Save Time When You Get To Your Vacation Spot

Once you get to your vacation spot you can enjoy your best moments right away! No need to rush to the hotel just to do your makeup and to head out. With lash extensions on, you will be able to go out and have fun immediately. They are great at covering dark bags and are a great distraction.

  1. Water-Resistant

Luckily for all women, lash extensions are water-resistant! Doesn’t matter if you get mink lash extensions or even silk ones, they are both very sturdy, long-lasting, water and heat-resistant. They are the perfect option for your swimming moments, both in the pool and out in the ocean. Lashes can also handle high-heat and sun exposure, as long as you don’t push it too far. Make sure you take proper care of them, and you will have your well-loved lash pair when taking pictures at the pool, sipping cocktails, or just enjoying the day swimming.

  1. Long-Lasting

Your lash extensions will survive your entire vacation phase and will last you 3-4 weeks total. If you are someone who is not afraid of commitments, and if you don’t mind rocking a bold lash look for a month then make sure you get them. Permanent lash extensions can cover mostly every length of your holiday, honeymoon, or any journey that you may be off to. However, once you come back from your holiday, make sure you get them refilled. This process is a must if you want to keep your set looking fluffy and full. The best time frame would be to do the infills every 3-4 weeks.

  1. Airplane Friendly

Your trip can become annoying and hard to handle, as it is for everyone. Women hate travelling for hours and hours since this means more maintenance for their skin, face, and makeup. However, with your extensions on, you can be stress-free! They are very plane-friendly since they can survive just about anything. When travelling, you will only need a bit of a bronzer and a lip liner to call it a day. No need to layer some eye makeup and to curl your lashes since extensions are good looking on their own. You can also say goodbye to any makeup removing wipes since you won’t be needing these with you when you travel.

  1. Effortless

Not only that they are very simple and long-lasting, but your extensions are built for everything. They provide feminine results for any activity. This means that you can look effortlessly beautiful in any given situation. You can play volleyball and not worry ‘a sweat’ that something might smear and ruin your good makeup day. Lash extensions are literally a 5-minute process early in the morning, and all you have to do is comb them through with a clear mascara wand! You will save at least 30 minutes when getting ready and doing your makeup since they are unique, distracting, and beautiful, so no need to put some additional effort into the whole process. Also, by skipping on applying morning makeup and getting enough of your beauty sleep you will look rested and you will start the day off right!

Best leather handbags and clutches for 2018

With the turn of the year, new bag trends have come to the fore as is the annual drill. From fringes galore to pop art designs on bags, the year has a variety of bold designs. Some designs come as revamped versions that charmed most of the past. Others come as a surprise, as the handbag fashion events unfold at Milan, London, Paris, and New York.

All this means that your closet’s handbag and clutch section needs an upgrade. Since sound quality leather complements your outfit morning, noon, and night, its products are a must-add for your collection. So, without any delay, here is an overview of best leather handbags and clutches for 2018:

  1. Coach X Keith Haring Kiss-lock crossbody bag

This season, New York’s 1980s pop art meets contemporary handbags for a hip and fashion-forward look. Pop Art is prominent for its sugar, spice, and everything nice nature. It is eye-catchy, and the pretty color play holds all gazes. Coach’s spring 2018, therefore, captures the glitz of the NY street culture on their handbag collection as an ode to the pop artist, Keith Haring.

Refined calf leather forms the skin of the petite bag with Haring’s iconic illustrations adding to the charm. Top this up with crystal, and motif embellishments and you have got the best charmer of a handbag at your disposal. Not to forget, the crossbody bag features kiss-lock closure and a zipped pocket on the outside. This pairs style with convenience.

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo gancini flap bag

Pastel colors are dominant this season and are here to stay for the year. This flap bag by Salvatore Ferragamo in the jasmine flower shade is a case in point. It’s the epitome of all the trendy factors hitting the handbag universe this year. These include the circular shape of the bag, a thick shoulder strap, and a garcini top handle.

The python shoulder strap is removable so that you can style the bag with or without it. Such adaptability makes this bag a blessing for your wardrobe since it can be paired with your outfit both at night and noon. This calf-skinned leather bag is elegance at its best.

  1. Black leather tote bag

A black leather tote bag is a wardrobe essential. It’s a cross between spacious and stylish, which is what makes it any woman’s need. Buy it in the black color, and you have a handbag that is ever ready to go with you to any place, at any time. There is a strap available as well. Hence, styling this bag is, again, a two-way miracle. You can either hold it gracefully or let it hang loosely from your side.

A cherry on top of the modish design is the trendy add-on to the handbag. The tassel added to the shoulder bag speaks volumes about the voguish look. Also, it is in a different shade that harmonizes with the black leather. You can shop this bag from the LeatherSkinShop, which is an ideal place for fashionistas who want to buy leather accessories.

  1. Faux Leather Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are here to shine along the handbag 2018 horizon. Since such bags defy all odds of shape and rigidity, there is no material better than faux leather to support the snazzy unstructured body of the bag. An adjustable crossbody strap accompanies this bucket bag by Forever21. Bottom feet are also present that prevent your bag from rolling over the moment you put it down.

This classy faux leather bucket bag has a drawstring with a tasseled top. Since tassels are riding this year’s trend bandwagon, the bag is a perfect pick.

  1. Fringe Leather Wristlet


Full-on fringe and accented fringe have hijacked fashion runways this year. This fringe-tastic trend has slipped from its use in apparel to become part and parcel of the handbag galleries as well. Gall Gadot’s fringed ensemble at the Oscars this year embraces this very trend and sets the bar of fashion goals higher. For now, you can start with a wristlet that is designed with trimmed fringes along the sides.

The handbag fabric is pure leather, and it also boasts a leaf charm that accentuates the wristlet’s alluring look. Such a classic clutch that weaves the fringe fad in its design is a must add to your bag collection for 2018.

  1. Color block Tuileries besace leather bag

Color block is the right color play of this season with multiple colors adorning the surface of the handbag and clutch. The Tuileries Besace by Luis Vuitton bears testament to this trend. The bag presents bold tricolor leather which accents the monogram canvas of the body. The Tuileries Besace with its fashionable looks is à la mode in every sense of the word.

The bag bears three carrying styles. You can style it by carrying it on your shoulder or slinging it across your body with the removable cross-body strap. You can also turn it into a makeshift clutch, by detaching the belt.

  1. Matelassé leather bag

The matelassé leather bag is another addition to the best leather clutches for 2018. The clutch comes with a detachable chain strap so that you are not bound to carry it in your hands only. The skin is made of matelassé Nappa leather with a satin lining to it.

A prominent embellishment in the form of round metal hardware seals the bag’s graceful look. This metal embellishment has a brass-finish to it just as the logo’s polish. The purse bears a logo turn-lock closure that completes the look.

Key takeaway

All in all, 2018’s picks for handbags and clutches resonate with trends that are here to stay for the current year. Therefore, a broad outline of this year’s fashion fads includes an obsession with fringes, tassels, and graphic art. Color block and pastel shades mark the hues that you should pick. Don’t forget to add thick straps and circular shaped clutches and handbags that are in vogue too.

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