How to Record High Quality Videos on Mobile Devices

Over the last few years the capacity of mobile devices to record high quality videos has definitely improved by leaps and bounds. That being said it is still far from perfect, and more often than not you may feel that the videos that you record on your smartphone or tablet don’t quite cut it in terms of quality.

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While it is true that the cameras on mobile devices do have certain limitations, the fact of the matter is that there are steps that you can take to reduce their effect or even overcome them completely. In particular if you want to record high quality videos, you should try the following:

  • Increase the frame rate

On most mobile devices you’ll have the option to increase the frame rate that your camera records at – though you might need to reduce the resolution a notch to do so. Generally the frame rate is more important to the quality of your videos and will make it smoother and more fluid, especially if there is movement involved.

  • Watch the lighting

It is important that you make sure you record scenes that are brightly lit, while ensuring that there is no direct light source in the frame. Additionally you should keep in mind that the sensors on most mobile devices don’t cope very well with sudden lighting changes, and so you should try to avoid that as much as possible – especially if you’re moving the camera.

  • Keep the camera steady

If your camera moves or shakes it could cause the video to appear blurry or distorted, and will ruin its quality. That is why it is crucial that you keep it steady at all times, and if you have difficulty doing so you may want to look into using a tripod stand or camera holder of some kind.

  • Move the camera slowly

As an extension of keeping the camera steady, if you do need to pan or move the camera – try to do so slowly, while keeping it as steady as possible the whole time. That can be tricky, which is why it is always easier to record high quality videos from a static location – but gradually and carefully moving the camera is the best way to do so if you absolutely must.

  • Invest in a good microphone

Almost all mobile devices tend to have relatively poor built-in microphones, which often makes videos appear much lower in quality than they actually are. Assuming you’re going to be using the audio that you record, you should invest in a good microphone so that it turns out crisp and clear.

  • Do not use the zoom – ever

It can be tempting to ‘zoom in’ on your subject in an effort to make them bigger in the video’s frame – but as a rule you should never do that. The fact of the matter is that your mobile device will digitally zoom in on the area, and that will cause the quality of your video to drop dramatically. If you do want to make the subject larger in the frame – get close instead.

All of these tips should help you to record much higher quality videos on your mobile devices – so be sure to give them a try. On top of them however you may want to try using Movavi Video Editor as well in order to edit and improve the footage that you record after the fact. Because it is intuitive and user-friendly, you don’t need any prior experience to take advantage of its capabilities.

With the features in Movavi Video Editor you’ll be able to enhance the quality of your videos, trim out any unwanted parts, merge clip together, apply filters and special effects, add captions, and more. In fact you will even be able to learn how to add music to a video quickly and easily, which could help cover up any shortcomings in the audio quality.

By using Movavi Video Editor to process and polish the video footage that you record on your mobile devices, you’ll be able to ensure that they look great by the time you’re done. In fact you could even produce professional-looking video content with nothing more than the editor and footage from your smartphone or tablet.

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Why People Prefer Android Over IOS?

As we know, we are living in a generation where technology and the digital equipment play an imperative role in our life. Moreover, it becomes necessary to have a Smartphone. Although there are many brands that you can choose, it would be the best if you read out the discussion on the brands before purchasing an item. Sometimes, people get confused while choosing a brand to buy a Smartphone device.

Apart from this, many platforms such as Android, IOS and Windows have the different features. Therefore, people get confused while making a choice.

Here we would like to point some general discussion on Why people prefer Android over IOS. This discussion will help you to choose a suitable as well as the affordable platform for the better use. Primarily, we are showing you the need as you want for your mobile platform.

Why People Prefer Android Over IOS

How to choose the right mobile device for the desired needs

  1. Figure out your needs for mobile device:

Before purchasing, you should keep the things in your mind that you want on your mobile phone. First, determine your requirements for a mobile phone. If you are finding a camera phone then check the camera features of a mobile phone. If a mobile phone is able to full-fill your requirements, purchase that instantly. Once you complete this step, you can read the next instruction.

  1. Determine the technology need

If you have the limited technology need, you can select a mobile phone that has the less technology. Otherwise, you should choose a Smartphone that includes the latest technology. If you want some latest technology like the change of country, handsets or carriers, you should choose a GSM mobile phone. These Smartphone are the perfect device that includes all the business as well as personal requirements.

  1. Find out the features that you want

The latest Smartphones include a verity of features like dual SIM storage, internal storage, external storage, play music & videos, GPRS settings, camera and many more. Each mobile platform provides the different features for their mobile phone. It depends on you that you should choose a mobile phone according to the required features.

  1. The application according to your need

Applications explore the functionality of a mobile phone. Some basic applications such as message, calculator, alarm and music come at the part of basic requirements. Furthermore, the Android Smartphones allows you to download the required applications from the play store. If you want to use the additional applications, you should prefer the Android Smartphones.

  1. Performance according to your work

Performance is also matters where you want to purchase a mobile phone. Many brands provide you the Android Smartphones and the Apple provide the IOS phones. Moreover, you have the multiple choices for Android phones as the performance you want like battery life, file support system and many more. This is the reason that Why people prefer Android over IOS.

  1. Style and personalization

Style and personalization both are the most necessary requirements for a mobile phone. Moreover, your mobile phone describes your personality as well. Therefore, you also need to select the perfect color as well as the style that resemble your personality. Besides this, check the typing for the ergonomic button control.

  1. Accessories that you want with a mobile device

Most of the companies offer the bundle of accessories with a mobile phone. If you want the more accessories with your phone, check the phone descriptions before purchasing. Usually, mobile phones come with some required accessories like the earphone, data cable and charger.

  1. Service of a mobile device

Make sure your mobile phone should include the warranty for service. If you have purchased before knowing this, look out for the refund option, if possible.

  1. Determine your budget before purchasing

Now the most important step, confirm your budget that you want to invest on your mobile phone. Android phones are available from the affordable to high cost. You can choose a Smartphone according to your budget. Meanwhile, the iOS mobile phones would be costly for those are having the limited budget.

  1. Research

Read out all the review of the mobile phone model that you want to purchase. It will help you to select the best model.

The above-mentioned points are enough to clear why people prefer Android over IOS. Now the choice is yours. Purchase a mobile phone according to your choice.

Author Bio: Mitan is the founder and CEO of Mobile Fix NYC which is a distribution company located in New York specializing in sales of wholesale cell phone replacement spare parts, accessories, and tools. I am a huge fan technology and have my passion into my business.