What to Consider Before Purchasing a Handbag : Every Girl’s Partner

The handbag is one of the most important items you’ll find inside of every woman’s closet.  Carrying the right handbag can often boost your image and your overall outfit. A handbag is so important, that it sometimes becomes the most attractive part of a woman’s outfit.

As a busy and stylish woman, you may bring your bag with you every day. A handbag is also a personal belonging so expect it to be at every woman’s side. So it’s necessary for you to choose the right handbag and below are some tips on choosing what’s the best for you.

Bring out the Color

The best color to choose for your bag depends on the environment you are working on, using color is one way to brighten and replenish any dull outfit. When you choose to look more professional, think of choosing a leather handbag with a bright color in a traditional tone such as burgundy, navy or red to match with your daily corporate attire.

If you want to go more conventional, then choose a tan or black colored handbag since they are always on the list in fashion.

Care for the Length

There is one simple rule that you always need to remember.  It is necessary to emphasize the part of your body where the bottom part of your handbag sits. If you have a bony and small hip, carrying a bag that sits beside your hips can provide you a more feminine shape and look.

If your hips are large, consider a bag that sits on your waistline, emphasizing the narrow part of your waist, providing you slimmer and sexier look.

Those handbags that lie at the level of your waist will provide compliment in most shapes, therefore having this type of bag is essential for every fashion lovers with a bigger waistline. Always choose a bag that is appropriate to the size your body. Nobody wants to wear an accessory that is not proportionate to their body size.

Size Matters

What do you usually bring in your bag? Go for a small bag if you are just carrying a list of necessities such as phone, keys, and your purse. You will surely love the feeling of having a clutter-free handbag.

However, if you want to keep your makeup kit, sunglasses, perfume, and notebooks in your bag, apparently you will need larger bags for all of your belongings. You can choose a tote bag that comes with a small compartment inside for the necessities that you want to bring along.

Style and Personality

When purchasing your handbag, think of your style. If you are wearing casual outfits usually, acquiring a much formal handbag is not a good option. Choosing the right style of bag can be complicated and tricky. You can pick a bag that is outside of your zone which is new and fresh.

Whether you’re going out of your usual style or choosing to stick with your regular fashion theme, the decision depends on you of what style you may prefer. Be confident in your choice and feel flawless while flaunting your style.

Regardless of the style, always select the bag that you want; it will provide more personality to your overall look. You can also try to scan on fashion magazines to offer you more information about your goal.

Save More with Affordable

In today’s generation where almost everything has a high price tag, it is necessary for you to choose the best product that has the most value with the most affordable price. You should be able to use your bag for at least two to three years, then set it aside for a year, and use it again for another year. You only need to take care of it so you can use it for the years to come.

It is best to invest in a good looking bag that can last for many years, rather than purchasing an extremely fashionable looking but cheap product that will only last for months. Also, choose a period where women’s sale and discounts are at the peak, such Christmas and other holiday sales.


Handbags are genuinely one of the essential fashion accessories for women. And when it comes to choosing your handbag, it is necessary to consider the design, price, and size for your ease of carrying.

Make sure to pick the best bag for you that suits your lifestyle and can accommodate all your essential stuff. You can visit fashion centers or websites like Deal Wiki for more choices and options.