Ford Mondeo Titanium with an engine more like a SUV

Safety features of the vehicle are definitely an edge over the rivals

With expanding market of SUV Ford Mondeo has introduced itself with Titanium model as a good alternative. The look of vehicle is appealing and you cannot ignore it. Ford Mondeo engines produce plenty of torque and pass it to the wheels. Safety features are also making it a good choice and modern technology has created good impression for the interior too. The speed transmissions may be not smooth to match excellence of other features but still quite manageable. For Ford Mondeo engine supply and fitone does not need to bother much as these two jobs can be done at one place in UK. This car has capacity to surprise with its roomy and practically build cabin. Mondeo Titanium TDCI price puts it among large SUVs and this wagon has to justify this price by offering something closer to top contenders of the zone. Another aspect of preferring a wagon over an SUV and how many buyers think it is right would be answered after this year’s sales report. This vehicle has come in two different fuel burners i.e. petrol and diesel. The trims on offer are mainly for diesel models.

With some new additions it allows

Under the bonnet there is four-cylinder 2.0 liter motor. Yes, it is turbocharged and capable of producing 132kW and abundant torque of 400Nm. To put it into motion there are auto six speed transmissions with dual clutch and it is called by Ford as Power-shift. It is surely to compensate the previous problems with the gearbox of Mondeo so this time it is sleek smooth and swift. The claimed fuel consumption is 5.3 liters for every 100km on a combined cycle but in real time experience almost one liter extra needed to cover the distance. When you get in the vehicle a spacious and well managed cabin welcomes. The dash has been built around an eight inches infotainment system screen. With some new additions it allows you to have Apple Car-play and Android Auto so all your smart-phones get connected. Standard and inbuilt sat navigation is also present with DAB and digital radio.

Separate air vents for the rear row

Nine speakers of Sony sound system can give you the great entertaining music and connectivity of both USB and Bluetooth make it most useful. With Sync3 the vehicle has taken the bar of infotainment system much higher to be matched by the rivals. It has the voice recognition system too so it is extremely facilitating with its tremendous technology. But the material around the exquisite tech is below standards. Center console around the gear lever is also exposing the similar mistake. Being a wagon space should not have been a problem and this one is also has come up with abundant space. Separate air vents for the rear row make it quite similar to the first row seats.

Inflatable seat belts are surely to make you feel more comfortable

A 12V power outlet but no USB connectivity slot so charging of devices has not been facilitated for the passengers on the second row seats. A power-plug of 230V is also there to allow you have a power source for bigger gadgets like laptop. Inflatable seat belts are surely to make you feel more comfortable and safe in case of collision. They get inflated in case of side impact they are also thicker than standard ones. Boot space for cargo is immense and it is also not surprising as most wagons do offer this. From 730 liters it can be expended to more than double 1605 liters when rear seats are dropped. You would enjoy driving this powerful vehicle when it gets to the highway.