How to start a day ?

Everyday morning with fatigue and irritation, eating up half of the time, hurried to the office, working with fatigue and sleeping late in the night. It can be a good job if you start tomorrow morning. Let’s see how to start and finish health tomorrow.

Drinking green tea everyday will give you freshness of the brain neurons. Green tea is better than tea, coffee drinks.
Exercise, walking, yoga, before stretching the hand, foot, hip, spinal cord.

Do not avoid breakfast. Daily intake breakfast will produce enough calories to work on that day. Ginger, garlic, coriander and lentils are good for lunch.

Do not drink too much water before and after eating. Other than eating time (especially when the tea is in the evening) is a good idea to reduce the consumption of snacks.

Dinner should be completed within eight hours. Sleep one hour after dinner. When you’re eating, it’s a mistake to walk fast. This means digestion is delayed.

Some people will have to eat bananas after dinner, this is wrong. The digestive tract, the digestive tract of the fruit, the digestive tract is different. So eat an hour after eating.

It is better to burn the bedroom lights half a hour before sleeping. This makes the brain more comfortable to stimulate sleep. Do not try to sleep in high light.

Before sleeping, social networks on the smartphone screen in the dark have become customary for today’s youth. This can cause calculation. Avoid this.

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