iOS Trends That are Ruling the Roost in 2018

IOS Trends That are Ruling the Roost in 2018

The number of apps that inundate the AppStore every day are mindboggling and the strict quality control that Apple has in place ensures that apps pass security and privacy guidelines along with quality ones before they reach the consumer. Every iOS app development company pays heed to the security guidelines and general guidelines laid out to make sure that their product indeed gets launched. That being said, developers also need to watch out for the latest trends in the iOS arena to make their app a hit among end users. We bring to you some of the iOS trends that are topping the charts this year.

#1: The Internet of Things is Everywhere!

IoT has gained a lot of popularity in recent times though it has been around for a decade now! IoT integration is one of the favourites among iOS developers this year and developers are working on ensuring that their apps can be linked to Apple Watch, TV, Car Play and other iOS enabled devices. With smart cities, buildings and homes being on the rise, this is indeed a wise move and you would fare better if you could integrate your app to devices on the iOS platform as well.

#2: AR and Beacon technology are Here to Stay

AR has been gaining momentum in sectors such as medicine, healthcare, education, military operations and even areas such as interior design and others that focus on the customer experience. There are many AR toolkits that help developers tap into the Augmented reality angle and make their app AR friendly. Similarly, many an iOS app development company is focussing on the beacon technology. Adding real time info based on the user’s location is a useful feature in any app. Take a retail app for instance, you can alert users about discounts, sales, offers and so on based on their location and this is a definite plus as far as a user is concerned and this can help build brand loyalty too apart from being a powerful marketing campaign.

#3: Cloud Integration and Use of AI

We all know Siri and how popular she is! AI not only makes interactions easy but also ensures that users don’t have to make every tiny decision by themselves. They are helpful and make for a cozy app experience and this is why you should consider AI for your app. Cloud integration is yet another trend that has been gaining momentum in the past 2-3 years. With internet being fast and wide spread in most countries, cloud storage is the best option there is and this also ensures that you don’t eat up a lot of memory on the user’s device.

#4: Health and Fitness Apps

Today, health and fitness apps monitor real time data and integration to wearables ensures that your fitness app is a definite hit among users. There are apps that monitor more than just the number of steps and calories burnt with some apps monitoring heart rate and other important health parameters. In fact, there are ovulation trackers and menstrual cycle tracking apps too that are being used by a lot of women today. Make sure that your app is relevant and addresses some critical need of the user and integrate it with some wearable device and you’ve got a successful app with you.

#5: Instant Apps

Space is a constraint in most devices today and downloading an app and not using it is simply a waste of space. Instant apps are those that users can run, see if they like them and then proceed to install them. These are extremely useful from a user perspective and you can hire a mobile app developer to work on instant apps for you. Not only would you capitalize on the trend, but also ensure that you are able to capitalize on the pulse of the audience.

There are other trends too such as usage of the Homekit, Swift4, Core ML framework, enterprise apps and so on that are quite popular today. Hire a mobile app developer who is conversant with these trends for developing your app and follow the AppStore guidelines strictly to create and launch a successful iOS app.

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