M.G.R. Dispute During TN Legislative Assembly

Today is the MGR day of commemoration. Everyone knows the message. There is another story behind December 24 this year.

MGR day commemorative day … Everybody knows the message. There is another story behind December 24 this year. MGR. On December 24, 1984, the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly was in the process of being alive. But soon the swearing took place. On February 10, 1985, the swearing-in ceremony took place almost a month and a half later. Why this delay?

MGR. It was the assembly election before death. Though the AIADMK rejoined the election and won the election, MGR, who was to be the Chief Minister, had been ill with a health condition in the US’s Puruke Hospital. In the hospital, he competed in Andipatti constituency. Kuravan was the governor of Tamil Nadu. “He went to America and made a statement to the MGR,” he said.

Nedunganiyan, who was then senior minister of the Union and then Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary Shokkalingam, went to the US to consult the MGR. Nevertheless, it was too late to set up a new regime. Senior executives from AIADMK were going to go to the Koran office and flew to Delhi. At one point, “temporarily choose one as the party leader. I make a sworn oath. When the MGR returns, you can look at other things, “Governor Gurana Idea said.

At the time of the election, the Central Congress regime has been holding a puppetry without taking the oath of office, declaring that the Dravidar Kazhagam leader K.Veramani said. MGR stuck at the United States hospital and accused the Congress of trying to seize Congress in the state. All of this and AIADMK and Congress met with elections. The reason for the MGR is that the cause of the MGR is to be taken away without taking the oath of office.

MGR. – The governor refused to make a sworn oath in this situation. MGR has sent a letter from the US to Governor Guranawa, saying, “You can decide the date of the swearing.” But the Kuravan does not accept it. The governor’s gurana did not even give the time for the appointment of MGR. At one point, “get a certificate from the Brooklyn hospital that MGR’s body has been qualified to accept the post of Chief Minister.” Get to know more amazing facts on Entertainment industry.

Brooklyn Hospital did not allow the MGR to shoot and video when he was in the treatment. The Government of India, with the American government, got permission to take pictures. They were used in the election campaign. The hospital did not permit the pictures, the mouthpiece of the mouthpiece of the mouthpiece. With no other choice, MGR showed a video. “How can a person who can not speak, can not be sworn in?”

MGR finally met Kuravan after returning to India. “MGR is in a mental and physical level. Passed. So I make a oath of office. ” It was noteworthy that Jayalalithaa was put on the chair by the MGR. However, he was hiding after only about two years in office.

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