Most visited places in Ooty

Ooty, the Queen of the Hills, is located in the Nilgiris district in the Nilgiri Hills. Even though we are invited to feed, the government’s name is Ooty. The ocean is located at 2286 m above sea level, at 7500 feet. Nilgiris is the capital of the district and boasts of the promotion of the tourism industry. Ooty is located at the place where the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats meet. The first biosphere in India is Nilgiri. Nilgiri Hills is one of the most important 14 hotspots in the world.


If water is in the water, the zone is in the circular shape of the water. So the oakmilk is a large number of lakes. The British rule was also called Ottegand. That is the shrinking feed. Will look at the existing tourist sites in Ooty ..

Government Botanical Garden, Ooty:

The park was created by the governor of Chennai in 1847 and was built with 22 acres of land. There are a total of six parts.
1) Gardens – Lower Garden
2) New Garden – New Garden
3) Italian Park – Italian Garden
4) Protected Area – Conservatory
5) Water Floor – Fountain Terrace

6) Small Plant Garden  – The Nursery Green Basilica is a rare park in the park, monkeys climbing trees and a 20 million-year-old tree. Various types of flowers, arctic flowers, barn house, etc are available in the Italian park. Every year, the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department is celebrated here in May. Plan a trip with Ooty taxi service.

Rose Garden:

The park was created to commemorate the 100th Floral Exhibition. The park is located on the Elk Mountain in Vijayanagar, a total area of 4 acres. The first 1919 was the 17,256 rose flowers. There are more than 20,000 flowers of 2241 kinds. You can find the entire park from the land of the land here. This park is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department.

Lake Park :

The lake is located in the main lake of the park. Ooty is close to the railway station. A part of the lake was created in 1977. Tourists are welcomed and are the most popular tourist destinations in the region. The lake is ideal for nature lovers in the evening. Also, a 1978 glassware park was created here. The lake is surrounded by eucalyptus trees, children park, and children.

Deer Park: 

Feed the Deer Park is located near the lake in the park. The park is one of the many parks located in the highest in India. The park is a great help to see wildlife in the wonderful weather of Nedum. In 1986, a total of 22 acres of land was allocated for public viewing in the park. The park is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department and is one of the few major tourist attractions in the city.


Boat House:

This boathouse is located in the main lake of the feed. Created by John Sullivan, the lake is 4 square km. The Race Course, which is a popular horse racing spot near the lake, is also located. There are a number of boats that have two boats and boats with family. This boating house created by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department can boast the beauty of the lake and natural resources through boats.

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