Refurbished Condition: What is Refurbished Grade A, B, and C?

While buying a refurbished iPad air, the most important factor which you have to consider is the refurbished condition of the product. Buying an iPad is not an easy task as you need to spend your hard earned money on it. So, while spending your hard earned money, you should be sure that the condition of the refurbished iPad is great. Everyone wants to buy a refurbished product that has been treated in a good manner by its original buyer. Right? Get all the information regarding wearing and tearing of the refurbished produces and how they have been classified so that you can buy the right product for you.

What is refurbished grading?

The refurbished grade is the grading that is used to estimate the quality and condition of the product. Grading has been done as per the cosmetic imperfections of the products. There are some refurbished products that come with a new outer shell, some with minor scratching that is not easily detectable. The grading is done as per the quality of the product.

Refurbished grading will be helpful in getting an idea about the quality of the product. The standard refurbished grading runs from A grade to C grade where grade A offers the excellent quality of the refurbished product and the grade C offers the lowest quality of the product.

Refurbished grade C

Refurbished grade C refers to the lowest quality of the product. However, the iPad is still in its working conditions and is certified to sell as a refurbished product. Although the grade C products are functional and tested to work, they show that the original user of the product used the product excessively. The noticeable scratches, wear and tear can be seen on the outer shell of the refurbished product.

Considering the quality of the products, grade C is the cheapest refurbished products. If you want to have an iPad but you can’t afford to spend much money then buy a refurbished grade C product. You will get 35 to 50% discount with grade C products.

Refurbished Grade B

The quality of grade B products is great when compared to grade C products and lesser as compared to the Grade A products. Although Grade B products have also been tested thoroughly as well as cleaned and repackaged, still, you can notice light scuffing on the refurbished products.

Grade B iPads has been used gently by the previous owner of the iPad. But you will get lesser discounts on grade B products as compared to the grade C products. Although they are more affordable as compare to the grade A products so if you are a little low in the budget then these can suit to your budget. You can get 25 to 35 percent discount on grade B products.

Refurbished Grade A products

Refurbished Grade A products are of best quality products with minor wear and tear that can’t easily be detected by an individual. Either there is no sign of use contained on these devices. These products are also tested by Apple to meet the Apple standard working condition. However slight marks can be there on the product. But you will get the least discount on Grade A products, the discount lies between 15 to 25 percent. So if you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the product then buy refurbished iPad air of Grade A to save your money without compromising the quality of the product.

Now, with this guide, it becomes easy for you to buy a refurbished iPad. Just read out the description and the grading of the product and then choose to buy the right one as per your preferences and needs.